What Do Dental X-Rays Look For?

It’s one of the most memorable parts of going to the dentist, and for some people is the most painful part of the dental visit, the x-rays. The dentist places a camera in your mouth and has you bite down, and then you let them take x-rays of your mouth. But what exactly is the dentist looking for? Why do you need your mouth x-rayed anyway?

dental x-ray in Greenville

Your mouth gets x-rayed every year, and it’s one of the ways that a dentist gets a deeper look into your mouth. They get a clear look at your different teeth and can analyze your whole mouth without any trouble or interference. If there’s a problem, the dental x ray in Greenville will show where it is.

The dentist will look at your teeth and look for any signs of tooth decay, cavities, cracked teeth, or other damage. Then they will share any problems with you after your teeth have been cleaned by a dental hygienist. If you have tooth decay or a cavity, they will outline ways to get it treated and also schedule an appointment to fix the problem.

X-rays can also be done whenever you have problems with your mouth. If you are reporting pain or other mouth problems, then a dentist might perform an x-ray to get an in-depth view of your mouth. There are several types of x-rays, but the most common x-ray that a dentist does is when they place a lead vest on your front.

Then they have you bite down on objects and take pictures from several different angles. They measure how your teeth, face, and jaw look. It might be a tad uncomfortable if you have a gag reflex, but once it is done you won’t need to do it for another year.